The previously-thought-of-as-vapourware company Imagek has changed its name to Silicon Film and is now touting a 24 shot, 1280 x 1024 insertable digital film cartridge solution for traditional 35mm cameras.

With the addition of their "e-Port" PCMCIA adapter and "e-Box" in-the-field storage device (which supports CompactFlash Type I & II) this product is starting to look a little more attractive (although to me it's still storage and resolution limited).

Priced at $800 for for complete EFS-1 solution and "said" to be available in "Late Fall 1999" (although we've been previously disappointed by press releases from this company). Only available directly from their website.

According to their webpage

The EFS-1 electronic film system features the eFilm digital image cartridge, the ePort� download carrier and eBox� mobile storage module. EFS-1 brings digital photography to 35mm SLR photographers, enhancing the value of their current photo investment.

eFilm is an electronic film cartridge that slips easily into the back of the SLR body. It captures and stores up to 24 high quality digital images in it's compact design.

  • Requires no SLR camera modifications
  • Greater than 300 Digital Images per battery
  • Uses standard SLR features
  • 1.3 Megapixel CMOS CCD sensor
  • 24 images @ 1280 x 1024 (36bit color depth)
  • Stores in JPEG, BMP or TIFF formats
  • ISO rating of roughly 100
  • Designed to fit (initially) : Canon EOS-1N, EOS-A2/5, Nikon F5, F3, N90, F90

ePort� is a multipurpose carrier for eFilm providing a protective housing and a convenient interface to laptops or to Silicon Film's eBox image storage module.

  • Download device for eFilm
  • Supports PC Card Type II and USB connection
  • Plugs directly into laptops and connects to desktops
  • Acts as a protective carrier for eFilm
  • Connects to e-Box for quick downloads in the field

eBox� is a convenient image storage product for use in the field. eBox accepts fast download of pictures from ePort to free the photographer to reuse- "reload" -eFilm for more shooting.

  • Field down-load device
  • Supports CompactFlash Type I & II storage media
  • Allows fast storage of digital images without a computer

Phils Comments: Ok, looks kinda interesting, not sure I'd pay $800 though, only available for a few Prosumer 35mm SLR's, the e-Box makes it more convenient to shoot in the field but would you really want to take it out of the camera every 24 shots and risk getting dirt and gunk all over the CCD? Resolution and internal storage of the e-Film are also kinda limited and we've not yet seen any sample images... only time will tell.