Other Features

Full Screen Mode

Clicking on the 'fullscreen' link under the widget will take you to a new window or tab containing just the widget.

This mode has two key new features:

Lens selection menus

At the top of the widget, two new drop-down menus appear. These allow you to choose a lens to view from all of the lenses for which we have data, and select from the cameras they've been tested on. 

Keyboard control

One useful feature that's not-so-obvious is keyboard control in fullscreen mode. The left and right keys change the aperture, and the up and down keys select the focal length. This makes exploring the lens's characteristics at various settings much easier. (These controls are disabled in lens reviews themselves, because the cursor keys also make the page scroll up and down.)

Compare mode

Clicking the 'Compare' link allows you to compare data for two lenses side-by-side. You can choose freely from all the lenses for which we have published data. Note though that MTF data is somewhat affected by the resolution of the test camera so isn't directly comparable between different bodies, and especially those with widely differing resolutions.