Sigma UK has said that the company's latest compact camera from the Quattro line will cost £899.99 and will be available from the end of June. First announced at the CP+ show in February this year, the dp0 Quattro is the fourth of the unusually designed Quattro range and features a 14mm F4 lens. With the 23.5x15.7mm Foveon image sensor this focal length delivers a similar angle of view as a 21mm lens would on a full frame system.

The unique three-layered Foveon sensor used in this model outputs Raw images that measure 5424x3616 pixels, but the camera also has JPEG modes to produce images of 7680x5120 (39MP) pixels.

Using 11 elements in 8 groups, the lens features a 7-blade diaphragm and four FLD elements that use glass Sigma claims has the same performance characteristics as fluorite. The construction also utilizes 2 Special Low Dispersion elements, and 2 aspheric lenses, one of which is double sided. The company says these measures have been taken to tackle the chromatic aberrations and distortions that are common in extreme wide angle lenses of this type.

The dp0 Quattro will exist alongside the dp1, dp2 and dp3 Quattro models to provide focal length choices of 21mm, 28mm, 45mm and 75mm. The dp3 also has a 1.2x converter that produces a focal length effect of 90mm.

To see the specification of the dp0 Quattro visit the Sigma website. We've reached out to Sigma US for pricing and availability and will update this story when we get that information.