Hong Kong-based manufacturer Cactus has launched a wireless flash trigger that it claims will work with any hotshoe or PC sync socket-equipped camera and can control the power output from Canon, Nikon and Pentax-compatible flash units all at the same time. According to the manufacturer, even photographers working with multiple flashguns designed for different TTL systems will be able to link them via the wireless trigger. 

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The Cactus Wireless Flash Transceiver V6 comes loaded with profiles for 30 models of flash gun from the main camera brands, as well as independent manufacturers such as Metz and Nissin. Users will be able to create their own profiles for many flashes not listed.

Taking control of each flash unit, the V6 can regulate up to four groups of flashes across 16 channels, offering the photographer the option to adjust output in increments as small as 1/10th power, even if the flash doesn’t offer that feature itself. With no TTL measurements the system relies entirely on the manual control of each gun or group from the transmitter attached to the camera. Individual guns can be set to operate at fractions of their own GN or all guns in use can be benchmarked according to the power of the weakest unit and controlled in EV steps.

The V6 can also operate as a remote trigger for the camera, and can act as a 'bridge' between the camera hotshoe and a matched TTL flash gun to allow TTL information to pass between the two while itself manually controlling other guns.

A delay mode allows flashes to fire in sequence instead of all at the same time, and in ‘Lo Power’ mode short duration flash can be achieved. Cactus promises that firmware can be updated via a mini USB socket when more flash profiles become available, and if required, the USB socket can be used to power the V6 units instead of their usual AA cells. The V6 units, which perform as transmitters in TX mode and receivers in RX mode, have an operating distance of over 300ft (100m), and cost $70 per unit* (MSRP including and import duty and shipping). You will need at least two, one for the camera and one for each flash you want to control. 

For more information visit the Cactus website: http://www.cactus-image.com/

For local dealers: http://www.cactus-image.com/dealer.html

* This story originally quoted a price of $55 for the Cactus Wireless Flash Transceiver V6 - this price excludes import duty and shipping. We have been advised by the manufacturer that $70 is more representative.