Nikon Europe has today announced Nikon Capture Version 3.5. This new version of the excellent (and ever improving) image management / RAW conversion application adds several new features including D100 capture control with Mac OS X and PTP compatibility, support for Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar), 10 megapixel output mode for D1X NEF files, Large thumbnail (1600 x 1063) output option, improved noise reduction and interestingly Automatic Vignette Control which can automatically counteract the effects of fall of at lens edges experienced with certain lenses at maximum aperture. The new Auto Vignette Control feature requires the new firmware upgrades announced today (because of the additional lens information required).

Press Release (Nikon Europe):

Announcing Nikon Capture Ver. 3.5 the latest version of Nikon’s powerful image editing and camera control software

Nikon Europe is pleased to announce a new version of Nikon Capture 3 software with powerful new features for Nikon D100 and D1 series owners.

Far more than simply a tool to open and edit NEF (Raw) files, (Nikon View 5 features simple NEF to Jpeg/Tiff conversion), Nikon Capture 3.5 offers revolutionary new digital imaging functionality and speed improvements for both Mac and PC users of Nikon Digital SLR cameras.

Feature Highlights

  • Full D100 Capture Control with Mac OS X with PTP compatibility. (D100 requires firmware Ver. 2.00 upgrade)
  • Support for Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar).
  • 10 Mega pixel output selection for D1X NEF files. Uses the original sensor data (4016x1324) and interpolates to 4016x2616 to deliver a 10M file. User can select between this option or the original 3008 x 1980 (6M) file.
  • Large thumbnail option. Create a large thumbnail (1600x1063) for NEF files saved in Capture 3.5. Useful for high speed viewing in the Nikon View 5 Viewer draft mode.
  • Automatic Vignette Control. A brand new feature designed to counteract the effects of light fall off (vignetting) around the edges of certain images especially when shot at maximum aperture. Nikon Capture 3.5 can automatically adjust marginal lumination (vignetting) for optimal results with NEF format images taken with a lens that outputs a D signal (D or G type) to a camera equipped to record this information. D100 or D1 series camera upgraded with recently announced firmware (D100: Ver. 2.00 and D1 series Ver. 1.10). Capture 3.5 recognizes this information against its built-in lens adjustment algorithms and compensates for any vignetting that might be apparent. The function is also user adjustable via a Manual slider control for D100, D1X, D1H with previous firmware versions, or the D1. *
  • Increased speed when using Mac OS. Faster (up to 15%) Read, Write and Display times and Save times increased by 25%. May vary depending on specific system specification.
  • New function: Monitoring Selected Points. The Information palette can be used to monitor red, blue, green and average values for up to four selected points. The palette lists ‘before’ and ‘after’ values for each of these points allowing more refined evaluation of any settings changes in the image adjustment palettes.
  • Refined Colour Noise Reduction Function. This is changed from a ‘pull down’ choice of three levels: Low, Moderate, High, to a new ‘slider’ choice of ten levels.

* Not available for RAW files captured with the Coolpix 5000 or 5700 as they do not feature D or G type lens systems.

Speaking about the changes, Robert Cristina, Marketing Executive, Professional Film and Digital, Europe says: “The latest Nikon Capture 3.5 version takes NEF shooting to another level of image adjustment flexibility underlining Nikon’s leading position as a supplier of high performance digital tools for professionals.

Taken alongside the new D1X RAM memory expansion offer and the current firmware upgrade offer illustrates Nikon’s desire to improve performance on three fronts: hardware, firmware and software, keeping customers abreast of continuing industry developments but at minimum cost.”


Capture 3.5 will be available for European Nikon Capture 3 license holders from November 2002. To download it free* and for more information visit Nikon’s European customer support web site:

* Excluding internet connection fees.