Is this the "world's first real world camera filter"?

In the category of eccentrically unneccesary photography apps, we've not seen another quite as unusual as InstaCRT.

Here's the gist: For $1.99, iOS users can take a picture or upload a picture already in their Camera Roll, tap the "share" button to send and display the image on an old-school CRT screen somewhere in Stockholm, Sweden, where a DSLR camera captures a photo of that screen.

The latest version of the app includes a Full Color mode that separates your original photo into three greyscale photos of the Red, Green and Blue channels. These are then shown, one-by-one, on the CRT in Stockholm and re-combined to create a final color image which is sent back to your mobile device.

The app's developers claim it's the "world's first real world camera filter."

The whole process takes less than a minute, and you get a pixelated, black and white -- or "full color" in the newest version of the app -- rendition of your original image that definitely looks like a picture taken off an old television screen. The color version does take a bit longer to process -- more around the 60-second mark vs. the 25 seconds required for the black and white version. A copy is saved to your Camera Roll, and you have the option to share it via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or email.

We experimented with a shot of the Seattle skyline. 

Our original iPhone 5 image ...
... transformed by InstaCRT.
InstaCRT's color version.

Watch the video to learn even more about InstaCRT: