CeBIT 2006: Not to be outdone by MemoryStick Panasonic has today ensured that its chosen storage format, Secure Digital card, can at least match the capacity offered in other fomats. There is a catch though, Secure Digital was never designed for capacities over 1 GB, that was solved but then addressing anything over 2 GB became the next problem. To solve this the SD Association have proposed SDHC, essentially the same physical format as SD but only compatible with SDHC devices (such as the new Panasonic DMC-L1). So it's good news and bad news.

Phil: It's worth noting that SDHC hasn't actually been finalized yet. The other oddity with SDHC is that it requires a minimum speed rating of either 2, 4, 6 or 8 MBps continuous for video recording. There's no information about the speed rating of this new card. We don't have a press release yet.