Family & Moments
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Family & Moments

The RP's small size (again, with the right lens), relatively simple interface and solid Auto and scene modes make it a promising camera for capturing family and friends. The camera's Dual Pixel autofocus system has actually improved over the more expensive R, and allows for 'Pupil Detection' during continuous focusing. This will make it easier to capture candid moments with perfect focus. On the other hand, with a bulkier zoom lens, the RP's size grows considerably, making it less likely you'll snag it as you run out the door to a picnic or a football (soccer) match.

USB-C charging means it's a simple affair to keep the battery topped up when you inevitably misplace the dedicated battery charger. This is also handy since you'll probably want to browse the attractive JPEGs on the camera and send a few off to your phone to share, all of which will shorten the already not-too-great battery life.

Lastly, and this will become a theme in this article, it's probably best to just use your phone if you're looking to capture video. However, if you are looking to occasionally capture footage of Timmy's school play from the back of the room, the hefty crop that 'zooms-in' your field of view when shooting 4K might actually come in handy.

Photo by Carey Rose