Photographer Zack Arias is particularly known for is his street work, and in a new video he shares some street photography tips while shooting with a Fujifilm X-T1 in Marrakech, Morocco. 

Even though the video is clearly sponsored by Fujifilm, it’s more than just a video tour of a new camera system. Arias talks about subjects and framing, composition and timing, and shows the resulting images he captured using each technique. 

Since the X-T1 has built-in Wi-Fi he also shows how to use the remote control capability to capture stills and video without touching the camera. Think Wi-Fi photography is a gimmick? Arias dispels that notion by placing the camera directly in front of a king cobra during a snake charming. 

There are a lot of excellent tips in the video for the seasoned travel photographer as well as the novice. Many people don’t think to bring an instant camera along to leave behind photos of their subjects, but Arias points out how helpful it is for breaking down barriers. 

What are some of your most useful street photography techniques?