Up close: The beauty of butterfly wings 
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Up close: The beauty of butterfly wings 

Some look like impressionistic paintings, while others look like colorful ribbons. It's hard to imagine the subjects of British photographer Linden Gledhill's macro photos are actually butterfly wings.  

Most of his images are taken at 7x magnification using a flash and the Cognisys StopShot macro focusing rail (see his rig). Multiple images are then combined using focus stacking to increase depth of field. He also uses a Canon TV lens - the JF16mm 1:1.4 - reverse mounted on extension tubes to give him 17x magnification.

A biochemist by training, Gledhill says on his Flickr profile, 'I’m completely enchanted by the physical world around me and obsessed by its natural beauty. My career in science has magnified this feeling of awe. For me, photography is a way to capture this physical beauty and to pass this feeling on to others'. 

See a sample of his photographs in our gallery. To see more of his butterfly images, visit his Flickr photostream.