It's that time of year again where we've more than reached the limits of our current hardware and are ready to switch to new servers. They're already up and running and most of the 'background' transfer work has already been done, the new servers are now handling dns, mail and basic web service. At some stage in the next fourty eight hours we will need to shut down the main site to transfer the forums database to the new database server, during this time the site will not be available and this may take up to six hours (we will also be re-arranging the database files).

Once the switch is made you may experience some problems accessing us, this will be due to poorly configured caching DNS servers at various ISP's around the world (this has been our past experience) which may hold the old IP address of the site for longer than is defined in our DNS rules. If this is the case you can try accessing us on our backup URL of '' (this won't be publicly available until after the switch is made).

Please bear with us during this period of instability, everything should be running smoothly by the weekend.