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Best accessory


  • Affinity for iPad
  • Godox Ving V860 II
  • Atomos Ninja Inferno
  • Peak Design CaptureClip 3

Runner up: Affinity for iPad

While perhaps not as sexy as the high-value cameras and lenses that we get our hands on every month, there are some amazing accessories out there, with a lot to offer the modern photographer. And among the most important are the various software suites that enable us to turn our Raw (literally) images into finished photographs worthy of printing and sharing.

The arrival of high-powered tablet computers like the Apple iPad Pro means that imaging software is no longer limited to desktop and laptop computers. Affinity Photo for iPad is a full-fledged image editor that offers all of the major features you'd expect from a serious desktop Raw editor, for only $20. Impressed? We certainly are.

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