UPDATED June 29 2015: The XPRO Ball Head is now available in the US as well, priced at $199.99 for the Top Lock model and $149.99 for the 200PL model. 

Manfrotto has launched the XPRO Ball Head in the UK, joining existing fluid and geared heads in the XPRO lineup. It is offered with Arca-Swiss compatible Top Lock and 200PL camera plates and features a spherical locking mechanism alongside a Triple Locking System, the latter of which stabilizes the camera's position and keeps it from drifting via a trio of wedges. Polymer rings further improve the XPRO Ball Head's accuracy, and are complemented by leveling bubbles.

The XPRO Ball Head features a magnesium alloy body and a hollow sphere, which Manfrotto says facilitates an extremely lightweight structure (0.5kg/1.1lb) with high payload performance (up to 10kg/22lb). The two XPRO Ball Head models are distinguished from each other by their color: the 200PL features a black finish, while the Top Lock version is grey. 

The 200PL model is available for £114.95, and the Top Lock model is available for £159.95. We've reached out to Manfrotto to confirm a US release date and price and will update this story when we have that information.