CES 2001: Polaroid has announced several new digital imaging products at the CES this year: the P-500 mobile digital photo printer, the PhotoMAX Digital Picture Frame (5x7" screen) the PDC 2300Z 2.3 megapixel, 2.3x optical zoom digital camera and the PhotoMAX MP3 digital camera which can shoot VGA (640 x 480) and play MP3's.

Press release:

Polaroid Introduces New Instant Digital Imaging Products at 2001 International Consumer Electronics Show

World's Instant Imaging Leader Combines Heritage in Instant with Digital Technology for "Anytime, Anywhere" Capture, Share and Output

LAS VEGAS, Nev. and CAMBRIDGE, Mass., - January 5, 2001 - Polaroid Corporation, the worldwide leader in instant imaging, will unveil a myriad of digital products that deliver on the company's vision for the future of photography and image sharing at the upcoming 2001 International Consumer Electronics Show, January 6-9 in Las Vegas. Seamlessly linked to the Internet via PolaroidDigital.com, the company's new products - the Polaroid Digital Picture Frame, MP3 Digital Camera, 2300Z digital camera - and existing digital cameras will enable users to capture, manipulate, and share images simply, inexpensively and from virtually any location. The addition of the P-500 Digital Photo Printer to the Polaroid lineup now allows for wireless printing anytime, anywhere. Later this year Polaroid will introduce a digital modem camera, eliminating the need for personal computers as a critical link in sharing and printing digital images.

The products let users capture photos rapidly and simply - hallmarks of Polaroid's line of digital products. Polaroid now provides users with several choices once they capture an image, including:

  • Uploading the photos to a secure Website - PolaroidDigital.com, which serves as the hub for storage or sharing
  • Sending images to the Polaroid Digital Picture Frame for sharing and display
  • Printing the images on the P-500 Digital Photo Printer, the first mobile, portable printer that uses instant film.

Each of the components functions independently as well. For example, the Polaroid Digital Picture Frame may reside in a home or office, where it will automatically receive downloaded images from PolaroidDigital.com once a day via a phone line. (The frame also offers a selection of information from the Internet, including weather reports, winning lottery numbers and daily horoscopes.) The P-500 is compatible with a wide range of digital cameras, enabling users to insert a memory card and print instant digital images anytime and anywhere.

"Polaroid's overarching vision has been to combine its rich heritage in instant imaging with the future of digital," explained Polaroid Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Gary T. DiCamillo. "We are delivering on this goal by focusing on innovative, customer-focused products that will build Polaroid's presence in the burgeoning digital imaging market. Polaroid is answering the question about the role of film in digital imaging with the launch of the P-500, which integrates instant film with digital images. DiCamillo added, "With the Polaroid Digital Picture Frame, Polaroid has ensured that anyone may have access to images via the Internet, without needing to use a personal computer. This is a crucial step in the evolution of information exchange via the Internet."


  • P-500 Digital Photo Printer - The first truly mobile photo printer. The P-500 allows photographers to print images anywhere, anytime without a computer. Simply insert a CompactFlash or SmartMedia card (with included adapter) directly into the printer, choose the image or images you want to print, and push a button for instant full color prints in about 20 seconds. In addition, the P-500 is compatible with all Polaroid PhotoMAX digital cameras, as well as a majority of other digital cameras currently on the market.
  • PhotoMAX Digital Picture Frame - The Polaroid PhotoMAX Digital Picture Frame allows digital photographers to share their images easily and inexpensively with friends and family - who do not have access to a personal computer. Photographers send their images through the Polaroid Website, PolaroidDigital.com. The frame then receives digital images from the Internet and displays them in full, bright color on a 5x7-inch LCD screen. All that's needed is a connection to a phone line!
  • PhotoMAX MP3 Digital Camera - A multipurpose appliance that allows consumers to listen to music and capture images! This camera allows users to upload music to the MP3 player and take 640x480. Then, users can download the images to their computer, make a montage or greeting card with special effects -- and e-mail to friends.
  • PDC 2300Z - Consumers can now have access to the high-quality digital imagery used by professionals. The PDC 2300Z is Polaroid's first two-megapixel digital camera produced for the consumer market. The most technologically advanced digital camera in the Polaroid PhotoMAX line, the camera produces photo-quality images with 2.3 megapixel resolution and a 2.3X optical zoom lens. With a suggested list price of $399, the PDC 2300Z costs less than comparable photo quality digital cameras.
  • PolaroidDigital.com - The latest Polaroid Website provides practical information and fun features that help consumers facilitate sharing of digital photographs with friends and family. The site serves as a comprehensive online resource, where users can send personalized greetings, post photos to an auction site, and create a personalized online photo album accessible for selected others. Creating a Polaroid Digital account is free and easy to implement, and most all of the site's services are free.


  • Olympus C-211 ZOOM - The first digital photo printing camera in North America. Leveraging the strengths of both Olympus and Polaroid, the product is a "filmless" digital camera that has a built-in instant photo printer. Users can produce digital instant prints on silver halide film - anytime and anywhere - without the need for a computer. In addition to personal use, the technology is useful for a wide range of professional applications including insurance, health care, law enforcement, real estate and construction.
  • Polaroid I-Zone Webster - A one-of-a-kind portable mini photographic scanner that allows users to "scan" their I-Zone Instant Pocket Camera photos and post them directly to the I-Zone Website (www.i-zone.com). Simply place the Webster over an item, press the button and store the image. With a few convenient cable hook-ups, images are transferred directly to the Web. Teenagers and other users can then take advantage of the Website's customized areas to store or share pictures; make collages, photo movies and games; and communicate with their friends.
  • I-Zone Digital & Instant Combo Camera - This product propels the number-one selling Polaroid I-Zone Instant Pocket Camera into the digital domain. The combo camera is a 2-in-1 camera that allows users to take instant pocket photo-stickers OR high-quality digital photos. Tech-savvy teens who are hooked on the original I-Zone can now enjoy the flexibility of access to the Web-friendly format of digital photography. The camera also includes software that enables users to modify digital photos through more than 30 special effects, including email, photo editing and photo collage features.

Polaroid's CES exhibition booth is located at: 2827 Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), South 1&2 - more - Polaroid/CES - 4