Casio is another one of the larger stands in the Central Hall, presenting a wide variety of product categories at CES. Nevertheless imaging has a fairly prominent position among the watches and other digital products. The company's latest compact cameras can be looked at and tested while product presentations are going on on the stage in the background. The 'Imaging Square' web community which allows you to manipulate and share images is also being demoed.

The Casio stand has a prominent location in the Central Hall Product presentations are being held on a stage and big screen.
The 12.5x zoom flagship compact EX-ZR200 has now been released beyond Japan  
The 16MP, 12.5x zoom EX-SZ150 is very similar to the flagship ZR200 but offers a CCD chip instead of CMOS. The 16MP, 6x zoom EX-ZS20
EX-ZS12, 16MP and 5x zoom EX-ZS6, 16MP and 5x zoom