Sony has today announced the DSC-P20, a budget entry-level 1,3 megapixel digital camera based on the DSC-P30. The primary differences are that the DSC-P20 has a fixed focal length lens, no video out, a stepless digital zoom and a new livery. Just like the P30 and P50 the P20 is powered by two AA batteries. The DSC-P20 has a list price of US$299 (expected street price of US$249).


SAN DIEGO, June 14, 2001 - Sony Electronics today announced that a new Cyber-shot® digital still camera (model DSC-P20), with such exclusive features as MPEG motion video, ClipMotion animation and compatibility (with an optional InfoLithium® battery), will be available in August for about $250.

"Sony makes electronics available to a wide spectrum of people, even those who might be newcomers to digital technology," said Takashi Kondo, senior vice president of Sony Electronics' Digital Imaging Product Division. "The DSC-P20 model is a fun camera that makes digital photography approachable, and it also has features that will continue to engage users as their product knowledge expands."

High Resolution Stills and Videos

Sharp, vibrant photos are a snap with the new Cyber-shot model's 1.3 megapixel CCD (Charged Coupled Device). The camera has 3x precision digital zoom and a playback mode that enables the user to enlarge and trim images in-camera, and save them as new photos. A powerful 12-bit A/D converter provides for more accurate capture of detail -- particularly in highlights and shadows.

In addition to still images, the Cyber-shot camera also captures MPEG EX (Extended) video clips up to the capacity of the Memory Stick® media in use (up to 90 minutes of video using a 128MB Memory Stick card). During playback, MPEG EX enables the user to move forward or backward in the clip and edit portions of the video. These MPEG "mini-movies" support ideal video resolutions (160x112 and 320x240) for attaching to e-mails and inserting them into Web pages.

Flexible Features Adapt to Various Environments

Great for on-the-go photography, the DSC-P20 camera adapts to various shooting environments with high-speed scan auto focus, selectable red eye reduction and an AF (Auto Focus) illuminator light to capture crisp images in low or no-light situations.

Two supplied AA alkaline batteries power the camera for up to 60 minutes of shooting time. For flexibility, an optional NP-FS11 InfoLithium battery and charger may be used to extend shooting time to 120 minutes.

The Cyber-shot DSC-P20 camera also includes:

  • Versatile File Formats - Files can be saved in several ways: JPEG, TIFF (Tagged Image Fill Format) for higher quality images, GIF for text mode and MPEG EX (Extended) for motion video and sound. MPEG EX captures 160x112 or 320x240 video continuously, up to the capacity of the Memory Stick media in use. Users can capture up to 90 minutes of continuous video utilizing an optimal 128MB Memory Stick media.
  • ClipMotion - Sony's exclusive GIF animation feature, ClipMotion allows users to take up to 10 pictures that the camera automatically combines to make a single ClipMotion animation file, great for sending in e-mail or posting to websites.
  • Memory Stick Media Slot - Transfer digital images and MPEG clips to hundreds of other consumer electronic devices, using the super-compact Memory Stick media.
  • 1.5" Precision LCD - This LCD display has a 123k pixel count that enhances the detail of pictures that appear in the screen, making displayed images sharper and more true to life.
  • Supplied Accessories - These include a 4MB Memory Stick media card, USB cable and an application software/USB driver CD-ROM.