Seene is a free app for iOS that lets you capture and share interactive and three dimensional images, just like Instagram and Vine do for 2D-images and videos respectively. On your iPhone, Seene's images move as you tilt your device, revealing a 3D effect. On web browsers that support WebGL - like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari - the same effect can be seen when you move your cursor over the image. We published a hands-on with Seene in October last year.

The makers of the app, Obvious Engineering, are now showing off a preview of a forthcoming feature. Soon Seene will be capable of capturing a full 360-degree model of an object and export it for printing on a 3D-printer. In the video below, you can see how a 180-degree angle around the object is captured but talking to The Next Web, Obvious Engineering CTO Sam Hare said the feature is already capable of capturing a full 360 degrees. 

No release date for the new feature has been given yet but according to The Next Web we should expect it soon. Seene is also planing to add more texture information to the capture and rendering algorithms to make the end results look even more realistic. 

Via: TNW