Eric Hyman, author of the RAW conversion tools Bibble and MacBibble has just sent me a note that MacBibble 1.99 is now available. Major new features include support for D1x / D1H RAW files, new demosaicing filter and raw routines, new 2001 colour profile for the D1, faster RAW processing and firwire support for the D1x / D1H. MacBibble is also carbonized to run native under OSX. (08:50 GMT)

MacBibble 1.99 released

D1X/H Support. Major raw Quality Imrprovements, Firewire and OSX Native!

"Well its about time!"

New version posted with new features, fixes, dramatically improved quality and support for the D1X at 10 Megapixel! OSX And D1h Too!:

A lot of the new features have already been published in the most recent PC version, So I'll list them in a moment.

This version of MacBibble is Fully Carbonized. What this means is that while MacBibble will still continue to function as an OS9 App, It will also run natively under OSX without using "Classic". In addition to the spiffy new Aqua interface, many aspects of handling raw files will run quicker under OSX due to its multithreaded nature and modern 32 bit kernel. Right now MacBibble is your *only* option if you wish to handle D1/H/X raw files under OSX.

And since you Mac folks always feel like you get things seconds, I've served up a couple of Firsts for MacBibble which haven't yet found there way into BibblePC. With this version, you will be able to process raw files from the New D1H as well as the D1X and D1. Additionally, Tethered shooting over fire wire will work (In OS9 only) for all three models. (Thanks for the drivers

Firewire is now fully supported for All D1/X/H camera. Make sure you have the latest FireWire extensions from Apple, Install & Run Macbibble , select tehtered browser and point to a target folder. Hook up your camera, and turn it on in PC mode and shoot away! (OS9 Only)

Where to start....

First off the MacBibble's "Raw" processing engine has been completely overhauled, this includes everything from the basic Demosaicing methods all they way through color processing. What this means for you is that Bibble will now process your raw files faster than ever, and will deliver superb sharpness and resolution. Additionally, with the new color profiling methods, Bibble will allow your camera to deliver spot on color every time. A New method of sharpening has also been included that works in conjunction with the other low level raw routines in order to maximize detail while minimizing shadow noise. Example photos can be found on the website at Contrary to conventional wisdom, this improved quality also brings about a increase in raw processing performance.

Other big news is Full support for the large files from the D1X. With MacBibble 1.99 you can now use all of the same features you've grown to love with your old D1. In addition Bibble will allow you to get the most detail out of your D1X by generating a 10 Megapixel 4024x2624 Image from the raw data! The standard size of 3008x1960 is also supported, but I am sure once you've seen the extra detail in the larger files, you won't want to go back. For an example, please point your browser to You can click on a link at the bottom of the page to go to Jurgens original "lores" version and go back and forth to compare. If you want to see all the detail, just click the small image to download the full size jpeg. Please note that all this power comes with a price, and in this case the price is memory. Each D1X 16 bit hires file is a staggering 60 Megabytes! A high powered machine with a bare minimum of 256Meg is strongly recommended.

As many things have changed in this version, please be sure to "reset options" from the file menu, and quit/reload the first time you try MacBibble 1.99. Also be aware that Srgb is now the default (To make comparisons easier), and that sharpening is on by default and set to the standard value. "As Profiled" tone setting will also be gentler to highlights than the traditional Nikon tone settings, and might serve to help you save the highlights on those white birds everyone is so found of shooting 8)

Finally, In the good things and bad things department. The company I work for recently folded leaving me without a Day job. My goal at this point is to turn MacBibble into something that can support its own development. While I have provided continual free updates for Bibble since its inception, going forward with that model doesn't entirely make good business senses. Part of what makes Bibble special however is its continuing evolution, and what I like to think of as very responsive support. With all of those things in mind, the very next version of MacBibble (2.0) Will require folks to reregister. If do not wish to do so, you are certainly welcome to continue using this or prior versions with no additional cost If however if you want to have access to future updates a new registration will be required. My plan is to continue to provide free updates for this new version and perhaps once a year release a major new version that requires a new registration. With this model, I hope to turn Bibble labs into a profitable company, and provide you with Raw Imaging solutions well into the future. While I haven't decided on amounts just yet, more than likely the price of Bibble will remain about the same or increase slightly. Users who have registered within a recent timeframe will receive an update to the new version free of charge. Older users will receive a discount.

As always the latest version can be downloaded from


10-10-01 Version 1.99

  • *NEW* Support for D1X Raw Files. Includes 10 Megapixel mode!
  • *NEW* All New Demosaicing resulting in higher resolution Nef files.
  • *NEW* 2001 Color profile for the D1. The most accurate yet.
  • *NEW* Raw Sharpening applied by default (Sharpen:standard) [Recommended]
  • *NEW* Dramatic reduction in ambient and shadow noise in all raw files.
  • *NEW* Faster Raw processing. Process files At least 25% Faster
  • *NEW* Carbonized to run native under OSX (Carbonlib required for OS9)
  • *NEW* Firewire support for D1X/H

Changes made to options during batch persist for the batch. Added "as Profiled" Tone control. Per Profile. Saves Highlights [Nef] Added Hotkeys to toggle channel views (Ctrl-1,2,3, r,g,b) Added ability to multiprocess separate batches. Added File:Reset to reset options and reset preferences. Added status window. Changed Sharpening to default to on. Standard is Bibble's preferred amount. Changed Apply to jpegs to default to off. Changed Default color space to SRGB for comparisons with "default" options. Removed Old interpolation method as new one is both better and faster! Fixed problem with blowout/underflows in contrasty images. Fixed problem with overruns in the Brightness/contrast adjuster. Fixed problem with rotation in the plugin Fixed memory leak in batching that caused them to crash eventually. Fixed Firewire working again. D1/H/X Fixed memory leak resulting in crashed batches. Fixed problem reading D1 raws saved in Nikon capture. Fixed Memory leaks that could result in crash after extended use/batching. Fixed plugin installed to selected Dir if Pshop not found. Changed Jpeg quality options to not pop up each time, use menu item.