Thanks to Max Lyons for letting me know he's released version 3.14 of Thumber. Thumber allows you to examine your digital camera images in detail, it's able to extract that all important EXIF information (exposure, camera settings etc.), can do lossless JPEG rotation and it'll also create webpages based on a folder of images or output exposure information to text files.

Click here for the Thumber website

Here are the latest updates (3.13 & 3.14):

  • Feature: Support for Fuji 1400.
  • Feature: Added log file ability.
  • Feature: Added Marked File Browser.
  • Feature: Added crop feature.
  • Feature: Added Hue/Saturation/Value. Note: Saturation needs improving...see next feature.
  • Feature: Added Smart Saturate feature -- wider range of settings and much quicker if not changing Hue or Value.
  • Feature: Added vertical and horizontal frame HTML pages.
  • Feature: Added confirmation prompt before overwriting existing file.
  • Feature: Added support for Intel JPG Library Version 1.1
  • Feature: Added ability to link to original image as well as resized version.
  • Feature: Moved some web page options to new screen -- interface is too cluttered!
  • Feature: Support for Nikon 990, Olympus 3030, Fuji 4700, Canon S20, Casio 3000.
  • Bug Fix: Better error handling when bad variables are supplied in rename mask.
  • Bug Fix: Comments are now retained in edited/resaved images.
  • Bug Fix: Rename counter leading "0" are now stored properly in preferences.
  • Bug Fix: Custom Rename mask is now stored properly in preferences.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed reporting of file size for resized images on web page.
  • Bug Fix: Remove image from marked image list fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Program Mode and Whitebalance toggle properly.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed rotation failure on (mostly?) NT systems.
  • Bug Fix: Time stamp feature now understands daylight savings time.