Pre-PMA 2003: Site contributor Vincent Bockaert has today published "123di v1.0 - The 123 of digital imaging Interactive e-book". Earlier this month I had a sneak preview of this new e-book and was amazed at the depth and detail of coverage. The e-book which stretches over 2000 pages covers everything from the basics of digital camera operation to detailed discussion about what goes on inside your digital camera, JPEG compression, color space and so much more. Additionally there are entire sections covering popular image manipulation packages such as Adobe Elements and Photoshop 7. And all this for a launch price of just $39.99. Think you know everything about digital imaging? Think again.

Click here to download the e-book now
(Either full e-book at 62 MB or a cut-down demo at 10 MB)

Press Release:

123di™ 1.0 - The 123 of digital imaging Interactive e-book™


This new type of e-book consists of more than 2,000 pages containing more than 5,000 graphics, interconnected by more than 50,000 links conveniently packed into one single self running program that requires no installation. The e-book has an easy to use 9 button built-in Graphical User Interface.


1. Vertical coverage of digital imaging

The e-book covers hardware such as cameras, scanners, batteries, memory, CRT monitors, LCD monitors, printers, etc. Software wise it covers in detail Adobe Photoshop Album 1.0, Photoshop Elements 2.0, and Photoshop 7.0, as well as software for data recovery, CD cataloging, screen saver creation, image uploading, etc. The e-book features just released and upcoming software and technology such as the new Adobe Photoshop JPEG 2000 and RAW plug-in, Adobe Photoshop Album 1.0, Nikon's digital SLR lenses, Fujifilm's Super CCD SR, 3D LCD displays, etc.

2. Horizontal coverage of digital imaging

The content is split up into 20 main chapters and 112 topics. Most of the topics come in essential and advanced complimentary versions which are selectable by the user and also have a one page summary at the end. The essential sections bring the user up speed easily, while the advanced sections give in depth information and bring the user to the next level. The Advanced sections go into more detail, but are still meant to be understood easily through the use of animated and interactive graphics. Many pages have interactive animation's and simulations whereby the user can click on buttons and see the effect of his choice instantly. Some pages have as many as 70 different appearances.


Step 1 helps you select your digital camera and explains digital photography via unique interactive simulations and colorful high quality animated graphics. Photography is explained from a digital perspective with content varying from simple things like explaining pixels, focal lengths, analog to digital conversion, etc. in the essential sections, to specialized content in the advanced sections such as explaining CCD and CMOS technology, JPEG compression, etc.

Step 2 teaches you to create amazing images in the "Pixelroom" on your PC, the equivalent of the conventional darkroom. This section is packed with step-by-step, hands-on, interactive and animated tutorials. The essential sections are based on Adobe Photoshop Elements 2, while the advanced sections use Photoshop 7 with tutorials varying from a single click fix up to professional editing tutorials with as many as 120 screen shot frames. It will teach you countless editing techniques such as the removal of red-eye, removal of tourists from pictures, bringing out shadow detail, creating panoramas, enhance color, advanced noise removal methods, etc.

Step 3 shows you how to manage, view, share, print and process your images, and covers the newly released Adobe Photoshop Album 1 in detail.

The Appendices contain a detailed user manual, index, and unique interactive simulations of the Adobe Photoshop Album 1.0, Photoshop Elements 2.0, and Photoshop 7.0 graphical user interfaces, whereby the window, menu system, tool bar, and palettes bring you to the corresponding explanation pages or tutorials in the e-book.


Page layout and fonts are 100% optimized for screen viewing, so that no scrolling or zooming is required. You can read this e-book like a normal book or in 11 other interactive ways such as the built-in sideshow, search on keywords, answers to frequently asked digital imaging questions, "before and after" images, use the unique Photoshop Graphical User Interface simulators, etc.


The product will be officially launched at Booth J98 at PMA2003, March 2-5 in Las Vegas.

Click here to download the e-book now
(Either full e-book at 62 MB or a cut-down demo at 10 MB)

Mail order will be available by the end of March.
5,000 CD's containing the download will be distributed at PMA.
The launch price is US$39.99

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