Just posted: Updated Panasonic DMC-FZ150 studio comparison shots. We've just re-shot our standard studio test scene with the latest firmware (1.0), and these are now in the comparison tool. During the process, we were able to compare the improvements made between the pre-production image output from firmware v0.2 and the final, consumer-ready quality. As well as updating the samples, we've made a demonstration of the difference.

Click here to compare the Panasonic DMC-FZ150 firmware v1.0 shots to the cameras of your choice

Just what difference can JPEG engine fine-tuning make?

Below are comparisons between firmware 0.2 (the pre-production firmware we were allowed to use in our pre-production samples gallery), and firmware v1.0. In each instance, the top two rows of images are the JPEGs, with v0.2 on the left and v1.0 on the right. Their respective Raw conversions are shown underneath them, to show the difference is all down to image processing, not differences in focus.

ISO 1600

Crop 1Crop 2Crop 3

ISO 3200

Crop 1Crop 2Crop 3