While the image sensors in smartphone cameras are already pretty close to consumer-level compact cameras, the lack of an optical zoom remains a major drawback. There is a wide range of add-on lenses available for every budget but tele- lenses usually don't offer more than a 2 or 3 times magnification. If that's not quite enough for your purposes you'll be happy to hear that online retailer Brando has launched the "Super Spy" 80x tele lens that comes in a version for a range of high-end smartphones from Apple and Samsung, including iPhone 6/6 Plus, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3/4.  

The lens is 395mm long and attaches to the camera via an included case with a simple "lens mount". It comes with its own mini-tripod and tripod bracket but according to the description can be hand-held. On the retailer website the lens is classified as a telescope and offers no controls for adjusting focus or exposure. Both are still controlled by the smartphone camera's built-in systems. 

We'd be a little skeptical about the image quality from such a lens but if you want to try for yourself you can order one for $220. If you don't fancy spending quite as much a 50x lens and other models with lower magnification factors are available in the telescope section on the Brando website.

Via: Imaging Resource