For lovers of panorama photos who also want to shoot video, GoPano allows you to record 360-degree videos on your iPhone or DSLR.

The GoPano lens is a curved mirror that reflects a panoramic view into your camera’s sensor. The $699 DSLR version of GoPano saves your warped image raw onto your camera’s memory card. GoPano users then upload the distorted video to GoPano’s VideoWarp Director software to convert the altered footage into an interactive, 360-degree video.

GoPano for iPhone is a tiny version of the DSLR-compatible GoPano Plus. For $59.99, GoPano records panoramic video straight to the free GoPano app. From there, users can upload their videos directly to the GoPano website for free interactive video hosting.

GoPano has now released the specialized GoPano lens attachment case for iPhone 5. The case allows users to “snap” the GoPano lens onto their iPhone to start shooting 360-degree video.

The iPhone 5 GoPano also comes with a second GoPano case for the iPhone 4 or 4S. For GoPano users who already bought a lens when they had an iPhone 4 or 4S but have since upgraded to a iPhone 5, GoPano sells the iPhone 5 attachment case  without the lens for $15.