The excellent, fast and flexible thumbnailer / image viewer ACDSee (my image manager of choice) has just been updated to version 3.0, it now supports digital camera "metadata" which means you can now retrieve the exposure information from your digital camera images. (Another reason I really like it is its lossless JPEG rotation).

Other new features found in version 3.0:

  • New! ACD Photo Enhancer - ACDSee provides a number of frequently used image manipulation tools including: brightness, contract, hue, saturation, negative, crop, blur, sharpen, emboss, and image rotation.
  • Image Viewing - As an image viewer, ACDSee stands unsurpassed in its ability to quickly decode and display images. View, browse, and search inside ZIP & LZH compressed files.
  • Image Browsing - ACDSee is the best choice for browsing images in your file system. View thumbnails quickly and easily.
  • User Interface - As a whole, ACDSee provides an efficient interface which has been highly optimized to minimize the amount of key punching and mouse pushing you need to do to get things done.
  • New! Expandability through third-party plug-in modules - ACDSee can now be customized and expanded through a plugin based architecture.

Download ACDSee and try it for yourself!