Mike Rubin (AKA "Nikon Mike"), Coolpix product manager at Nikon will be making an appearance on DPReview's Nikon Talk forum next Tuesday 4th April. From now until 3rd April you'll be able to direct questions to Mike by prefixing your message subject with "NIKON - " and posting on Nikon Talk. On 4th April Mike will try to answer as many of those questions as possible.

  • 27th March (Today ) - You can start posting questions on Nikon Talk
  • 3rd April (Next Monday) - We'll extract your questions from the database
  • 4th April (Next Tuesday) - Mike Rubin will appear on the Nikon Talk forum to answer as many questions as he can

It's important that you format the message subject correctly and only post questions in Nikon Talk. They'll be automatically selected out of the database on the 3rd and handed to Mike. Please think carefully before you post your questions.

Click here for a Nikon Talk posting template
(replace 'your subject here' with, ahem, your subject)