(New money for old gear?)

Agfa Corporation's Desktop Products Group (USA-DTP), a leading provider of award-winning desktop scanners and digital cameras, introduces the ePhoto 780c - an exceptionally fast point and shoot digital camera designed for home and small office environments. Similar to the original ePhoto 780, the ePhoto 780c features XGA resolution (1024 by 768 - interpolated) in an easy-to-use digital camera design. The ePhoto 780c ships in a metallic blue housing and will be available in the U.S. for the suggested price of $199.

"This camera is well suited for users who have moved just beyond the entry-level phase of digital camera use, yet still require ease-of-use in an affordable package," said Larry Newman, Retail Sales Manager, USA-DTP. "We improved the original model to make it more attractive to those customers looking for a high-performing unit under a certain price. We are pleased to offer such technology in a sleek design."

The ePhoto 780c is designed for individuals who want high quality digital images for business or personal use. Professionals in fields such as real estate, construction, law enforcement and design will use the ePhoto 780c to meet a variety of communication and documentation needs.

Agfa PhotoGenie - Breakthrough Technology for Maximum Image Quality

The ePhoto 780c uses Agfa's PhotoGenie technology to achieve high standard of image quality (XGA) from the camera's 350,000 pixel CCD sensor. Agfa PhotoGenie enhances images as they are downloaded to the computer and represents a new standard in image enhancement technology. Using PhotoGenie, images captured at the highest resolution mode (780) are reconstructed using artificial intelligence techniques to produce images which rival the quality of those captured with more expensive XGA cameras. At the lower resolution settings, PhotoGenie will remove JPEG artifacts, pixelation, jagged edges and posterization.

Fast Processing Speed

In addition to the high quality images possible with PhotoGenie, the ePhoto 780c sets a new standard in image processing performance - typically one and a half seconds per image. "With the ePhoto 780c, there's virtually no waiting between pictures and no need to miss critical picture-taking opportunities" said Newman.

Standard Features

The ePhoto 780c features a 1.8-inch, color LCD, for accurately framing shots prior to capture and for reviewing them once they have been stored on the included 2 MB SmartMedia(tm) card. Users can choose from three capture modes: 1024 x 768 (XGA), 640 x 480 (VGA-HIGH), 640 x 480 (VGA-LOW) and 320 x 240 (standard) to suit their specific purpose. The ePhoto 780c stores between 12 and 96 images on the 2 MB SmartMedia card, depending on capture mode. Four flash modes are standard as well as video out (switchable NTSC/PAL) for viewing images on television. In addition, the camera's optical viewfinder allows for framing and sizing of the subject in the traditional manner.