Adobe has made Lightroom 2.0 available for public beta. The software, that offers a series of enhancements, is at a very early stage and the company recommends its use only for "kicking the tires," and providing feedback about the new features. These include multiple monitor support, the ability to make localized corrections and improved organizational tools.

The beta is available here but Adobe warns that it will not update V1.3.1 libraries (it is designed to run alongside, without interfering with V1.3.1 installations), and that corrections made in the beta are not guaranteed to transfer correctly to the final, production version of the software.

The beta will only operate for 30 days if you are not already a Lightroom user. Existing users can enter their serial number to use the software for the duration of the beta program and can invite others to join the program.

A list of currently known bugs and inconsistencies is included as part of the beta's release notes.