The Look Lock holds a smartphone in the hotshoe mount of a DSLR.

Any parent knows that getting a young child to sit still for a minute is almost as hard as finding a unicorn outside of North Korea. Photographers often use toys or other distractions to keep todlers focused on the camera but in the age of mobile distractions, some kids need a little more than a rubber ducky to keep their attention.

The Look Lock smartphone holder for DSLRs attaches your smartphone to your DSLR through the camera's hotshoe mount. The phone can then be used as a tool to keep your tiny model's attention with cartoons or, if turned around, it can work as a secondary recording device.

Pop Photo recently reviewed the Look Lock:

If you photograph kids or animals a lot and you don't feel like DIY hacking one together on your own, it will likely come in handy. [...]

I plan on using the Look Lock on the regular with my family clients who have toddlers, I just likely won't break it out until we're getting to the end of the session. That way, it's a new thing to keep the child interested and if he or she throws a tantrum when we put it away, it won't ruin the shoot. 

Hey, maybe I can even use it during my wedding shoots by putting the football game on it and keeping the groom's eyes locked on the camera. 

The 7-inch version of Look Lock is available from B and H photo for $75.

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