Hasselblad has unveiled a rather familiar-looking compact camera - the Stellar. The very RX100-esque compact offers the same 28-100mm equivalent Zeiss-branded zoom and 20MP 1"-type sensor as the Sony, but comes with a substantial hand-grip made from a choice of exotic materials and, we suspect, a significantly higher price tag.

The Hasselblad Stellar will be available with a choice of hand grips.

The company has set up a dedicated website for the camera - due to ship this month - on which you can select your favorite grip material from a list of seven. This appears to be the only aspect of the camera that isn't simply badge-engineered.

The Stellar is the second product to stem from the company's collaboration with Sony, following the announcement of the NEX-7-based Hasselblad Lunar at Photokina 2012.

The camera's specifications exactly match those of Sony's DSC-RX100

The collaboration is also due to include 'products for the DSLR segment' (which could easily mean a camera based on Sony's 'SLT' semi-transparent mirror technology). Oddly the Stellar appears to be based on the existing RX100 model, rather than the recently-announced RX100 M2.

Hasselblad was bought-out by private equity group Ventizz in 2011, which is attempting to derive increased value from the brand.