Starting today, the folks at CreativeLive are hosting a week of educational programs designed to help photographers and designers get the most out of Adobe Photoshop. Classes range from tips for beginners to more specialized sessions in landscape, architecture and portrait photography, to name a few.

All classes are streaming live for free over the next six days, and will be available for purchase after the event. Visit CreativeLive's website to see a complete list of scheduled courses and plan your week.

Press release:

Live from the Internet, It’s Photoshop Week 2015!

Third Annual CreativeLive Photoshop Week Gathers Renowned Experts on Photoshop and Lightroom to Educate Photographers and Creative Pros …Free!

Seattle, WA – February 17, 2015 – Like it or not, nearly every photographer and graphic artist relies on Photoshop to help them refine and perfect their creations before presenting them to clients, friends, and even family members.  CreativeLive, the premier source for online education, is bringing together the world’s foremost experts to create Photoshop Week (February 23-28, 2015), a weeklong series of online seminars brought directly to the convenience of your computer, and in the comfort of your studio or home.  To register for the live seminars and view a complete class schedule of Photoshop and Lightroom topics, visit

Over the course of six days, CreativeLive will stream 49 live classes presented by many of the industry’s leading Photoshop experts including Dave Cross, Tim Grey, Jason Hoppe, Mike Kelley, Matt Kloskowski, Julieanne Kost, Jared Platt, Julia Kuzmenko McKim, Aaron Nace, Chris Orwig, Colin Smith, Paul Trani and Ben Willmore.  Each 90 minute class provides a detailed look at the hottest topics for a comprehensive learning experience that can be applied to your graphics and photography.

Viewers will also have an opportunity to purchase and download all 49 classes to create an on-demand personal library of Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials from the very best in the business.  The cost for downloading the entire course curriculum is $299.  Individual classes can be downloaded and archived for on-demand viewing for $19.00 each.

“CreativeLive is the source more than two million photographers have turned to for live online learning,” explains George Varanakis, head of partnerships and key talent at CreativeLive.  “Photoshop Week offers a very comprehensive curriculum presented by the most renowned experts in the industry.  While all the classes are available free when airing live, the entire collection of classes are also available for on-demand viewing and critical study.”

From beginner to advanced users, photographers who tune into Photoshop Week will find what they learn to be an invaluable asset to their day-to-day workflow actions.  Whether it’s a new feature or technique such as Introduction to 3D in Photoshop or a refresher course on Layer Effects, the viewers will listen and learn from the very best in the business. Visit the CreativeLive website to review the entire schedule of classes and build your personal calendar for Photoshop Week.