Facebook has announced a free app called Camera that focuses on viewing and sharing photos. Instead of showing what your friends are doing and thinking, it just dives straight to their photo galleries. The app also allows you to share multiple photos at a time, including descriptions and tagging. There are also tools for cropping and applying filters to your images. The app allows Facebook to be used in a much more Instagram-like manner (and it seems too soon for this to be a product of the Facebook buyout).

First impressions:

The interface of the Facebook Camera app is clean and simple, and does precisely what it promises: lets you easily browser your 'Friends' photos. As you scroll down through people's posts, you can simply swipe sideways to view any other images in the same set. Uploading groups of photos is also very simple (and a great improvement over the existing Facebook App).

However, the problem we hit is not down to the app - it's down to the fact that Facebook isn't primarily a photo site, regardless of how many images are uploaded to it. The App doesn't allow you to see only contributions from your photographically-inclined friends so, unlike Instagram or even Flickr, the ratio of 'snaps' to photos is off-putting.

 The app makes it easy to view and explore photos  It also has editing tools and filters
It makes it easy to upload multiple images... ...and decide who should get to see them.