Supersense, a Vienna-based retailer of high-end goods designed to appeal to the five senses, has targeted analog fans with its new 66/6, a limited edition pinhole camera. Compatible with Polaroid's Instant film, both the concept and the design were created by designer Achim Heine (whose portfolio includes binoculars for Leica) and Florian Kaps of The Impossible Project.

The 66/6 features two pinhole sizes, allowing for different light and exposure needs, as well as a rubber bellows providing five focal lengths ranging from, says the maker, 'mild wide angle to wild wide angle'. Each camera is handmade and small enough to fit in a pocket or purse.

Production of the camera is limited to 500 units, each of which includes a numbered certificate of authenticity. Supersense is offering the camera through its website, where it is now available for €222/$275 USD and shipping worldwide. Or, you know, make your own for about $5.