Olympus has today posted a new firmware update for its E-300 digital SLR. Coming just over a month since the last update version 1.2 adds four new 'professional like' features to the E-300, some of which existed on our pre-production E-300 but were removed in the final production model, now they're back! Features added: Shading compensation (lens shading / vignette correction), Anti-Shock (mirror-lock up to avoid vibration), Release Priority S (shutter priority over focus in S-AF mode), Release Priority C (shutter priority over focus in C-AF mode).

Phil: As noted these four features existed on the pre-production E-300 we had to for our preview article but were mysteriously removed in the final camera. Olympus appear to have either finished implementing them or simply decided that they would be useful features after all.

Click here for the Olympus E System firmware update page