Ps Magnet Kit

The Meninos Ps Magnet Kit contains everything you need to recreate the look of a Photoshop editing window on your refrigerator!

Avid Photoshop users will love this funky magnet kit by Meninos. The latest, updated version contains 13 Adobe Photoshop-themed magnets featuring high quality prints of toolbars, menus and palettes: you even get the familiar (to Mac users)  'spinning beach of ball of death!'

Arrange the magnets on your refrigerator door, magnetic notice board - or any other magnetic surface - and recreate your beloved photo editing software anywhere you want. The Ps Magnet Kit is a fun, top-quality product and offers a really unusual way of displaying your photos too: use the magnets to fix them to your chosen location and you’ll have an instant conversation-starter that’ll really draw attention to your favorite prints. 

Manual Lens T-Shirt

The Manual Lens T-Shirt looks stylish and features a funky design that photographers will love.

The perfect fit for a lover of manual optics, this subtle, stylish t-shirt is emblazoned with the markings from a Nikon 58mm f/1.2 manual focus lens. Each shirt - made by American Apparel in the USA - is made from pre-shrunk, 100% cotton and is designed to provide a slim fit, so if you prefer something a bit looser, it’s a good idea to bump up the size from your usual. There are two colors to choose from: black or charcoal/cinder, both of which look stylish against the multi-colored lens markings that are printed on the front.

Check out Cafe Press, or Amazon to explore the huge range of equally funky camera-themed apparel if this one doesn’t strike a chord (or if Nikon’s not your brand of choice...). 

Camera Lens Mug (Extra Tall)

Don’t try this at home: your real lens will not fare so well when filled with hot coffee! The detailing on the lens barrel is superb, with realistic markings, rubberized zoom and focusing rings, plus fake buttons and switches in all the right places.

Photo-related gifts don’t get much hotter than this! You can pick up one of these unique Thermos mugs in a couple of different focal lengths - Extra Tall (70-200mm) and Original (24-70mm - this one even zooms) as well as Canon versions, depending on where you or your beloved photographer’s loyalties lie. I'm focusing on the Extra Tall version here, which features a stainless steel, vacuum-sealed interior that will keep its contents hot (or cold, depending on what you put in it) for up to 20 hours: perfect for those extended photo-shoots out in the wilderness.

It also sports a leak-proof, easy-pour Thermos pop-up top, so it’s safe to stow in your camera bag without worrying about spillage, and the realistic-looking rubberized zoom and focusing rings on the 'lens' barrel help to provide a firm grip on the mug. The screw cap on the top of the mug also doubles as a cup, with the tripod foot acting as a handle. If you’re after something that’s both fun and functional, I think this fits the bill perfectly.

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