The Camera Cookie Cutter Set

Camera Cookie Cutters: the perfect way to combine your passion for food and photography!

Love photography? Love cookies? Then this original little set of camera-shaped cookie cutters should tickle your taste buds! Designed by the innovators at the Camera Cookie Cutter Set comes with three designs: an SLR, Rangefinder and a TLR: something for photographers from every walk of life.

The cutters - each measuring roughly 3 x 2.25 inches - are made from BPA-free, food-grade plastic and also include their own respective dough stamps, which allows for extra detailing to be added to your cookies before baking and decorating them. If you’re no culinary genius, fear not - each kit also contains a recipe from the manufacturer that even the most kitchen-shy camera lovers can master. Bake for around 10 minutes - and  voila! - the cutest, tastiest cameras you’ll ever taste.

Layers Frame

Display your favorite prints in style with the unique Horizontal Layers Photo Frame from Meninos.

Another ingenious product from one of my favorite online stores - US-based Meninos - you can buy these funky Photoshop-inspired frames in horizontal or vertical format (or both). A great idea for any Photoshop-lover, these unusual frames would make a fun addition to any photographer’s desk.

This particular model’s frame measures 16.8 x 11.8cm overall and the 13.5 x 11.8cm picture window will accommodate 10 x 15cm prints. The background is white and there’s a metal support stand around the back, so you can prop it up wherever you like! Just insert your photo into the window, and then stick on the very realistic-looking supplied horizontal picture magnet frame to complete your freestanding Photoshop masterpiece.

Click Mirror

The Polaroid-inspired Click Mirror helps you maintain your good looks in style.

Designed by British artist Colin O'Dowd, this mirror takes inspiration from the iconic Polaroid 600-series instant photograph. Describing the idea behind it, the artist states, 'Click reinvents the iconic image of a photograph. Whilst a photograph is permanent, this mirror is ever changing. You will never again feel embarrassed looking back at old photos of yourself - this mirror changes as you change!'

This quirky creation features 2mm-thick mirrored glass in the center, with the vinyl edges replicating the white borders that frame every Polaroid image. The whole thing measures 107 x 88mm in total - to reproduce the dimensions of the original - and you can either mount it on a wall or use it as a freestanding accessory: guaranteed to help every retro-loving photographer stay well-groomed in style. 

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