If - like many of us - you’ve left your Christmas shopping until the last minute and are stumped as to what to buy for the photographer in your life, fear not! Here you’ll find a wealth of inspiring gadgets and goodies that are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of your happy snapper.

Rather than focusing on the 'serious' stuff like tripods, bags and camera straps, I thought I’d be a bit more inventive and show off some of the more quirky photo-related gifts out there. In addition to the products suggested, I recommend that you take a good look around each of the sites listed in the article (click the Check Price / Buy Now links), where you’ll find even more fun, funky and downright awesome products, from apparel and watches to tiny digital cameras and photography-inspired jewelry.

I’ve kept the emphasis on the more affordable 'stocking fillers' that grabbed my attention (and I hope will grab yours), but there are plenty of pricier items on each of the websites that we’ve recommended if you’re still looking for a main gift for your loved one. Got all of your Christmas shopping done already? Then treat yourself to a well-earned early gift instead! All the prices quoted are indicative of typical 'street' prices.

Take a look at these suggestions and let us know what you think. Likewise, if you’ve come across something amazing, share it in the comments section below. Happy shopping! 

Here's my selection:

Lens Bracelet 50mm

Express your love for your favorite lens (and your partner!) with the fashionable unisex Lens Bracelet, designed by professional photographer Adam Elmakias.

The perfect fashion accessory for any chic photo-geek! Photographer Adam Elmakias originally created these bracelets to promote his work, giving them away to family, friends and fans as he toured the US and Canada in 2010. They proved so popular that he added to the range of styles and focal lengths, with his website now offering a version to suit just about anyone. We’ve picked out the 50mm prime version here, but you can also select from alternatives including: 35mm, 85mm, 14-24mm, 17-40mm, 24-70mm, 24-105mm and 70-200mm, so you can choose the one that best expresses your favorite focal length and brand.

Constructed from soft, durable silicone, these stylish black bracelets come in two sizes - 7” or 8”. The detailing on the bracelet itself looks great, with embossed lettering and a ridged texture that mimics the look and feel of a focusing ring: a perfect gift for a significant other (why not buy one for each of you?) or friend who’s nuts about photography.

Pinhole Camera: Make your own kit

Make your very own pinhole camera from scratch - then start getting creative!

Stash your beloved digital camera for a day and revive your love for (say it quietly) film with this inexpensive kit, part of the retro-styled Ridley’s House of Novelties range of products. 

The old-style 'shop worn' box contains everything you need to build your very own pinhole camera that really works, with full instructions on how to put the precision die-cut card kit together. There are 25 pieces in total (you’ll need some glue to assemble them), with the final model measuring 11.8 x 0.8 x 8.7 inches.

Once you’ve finished constructing the camera, simply load it up with standard 35mm film and start snapping! Why not put some extra thought into this gift and include a voucher to get your recipient’s first roll of film developed at a local chemist / camera shop too? Once they’ve seen what they can create, they’ll be hooked.

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