The original Connection Station CS100 (show above), announced at CES 2015, wirelessly transferred photos from Canon cameras placed on top of it. The new Connection Station takes things a step forward.

Canon unveiled its next generation Connection Station this week at Canon Expo 2015 in New York. The new model is similar to the original CS100, first introduced at CES earlier this year, but with the addition of two new big features: wireless charging and support for 4K playback.

The new model features the same WiFi and NFC connectivity as the current model, as well as wireless charging, which Canon demonstrated using modified EOS M3 and Rebel T6s cameras. Placing a compatible camera on the next-gen Connect Station first results in new images being transferred wirelessly, then automatic wireless charging. Charge status is shown on the Connect Station's display.

In addition, the new Connect Station features a 1TB HDD and HDMI for outputting 4K footage to a UHD TV. Other updated features include immediate image transfers to a cloud storage service and iOS/Android tablet control.