Sakar International has formally announced the distinctly Nikon-esque iM1836 - a modular camera system wearing Polaroid branding. Details are scarce - with the company able to give little information (and some of that being improbable), but the first model is said to be an Android-based, Wi-Fi-connected camera with Ricoh GXR-style interchangeable modules with the sensor built into the lens. Further adapter modules are promised to allow use of Pentax K, Nikon F and Micro Four Thirds lenses.

The Android-based iM1836 is due to go on sale during the first quarter of 2013. It will run Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and features a 3.5" touch screen on the back of the body to operate it. Peer-to-peer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity will allow the camera to upload its images to other devices.

However, as with the Ricoh GXR system, the body doesn't contain a sensor, instead the company says there will be an 18MP 1" sensor in the lens module that mounts on the front. This 10-30mm module (that again looks lawyer-pleasingly similar to Nikon's 1 System kit zoom), will offer a 27-81mm equivalent range.

Pre-production Polaroid iM1836 - from Connect's coverage of CES

Adapter modules are promised that will allow the use of Micro Four Thirds, Pentax K or Nikon F-mount lenses however, we are told these will also utilize 1" sensors - giving an effective 2.7x crop. We suspect Sakar is mistaken when it refers to the iM1836 as having a 'Compact Micro 4/3 body' on its website.

Other, non-Android bodies are on show at CES, including iM1232W that features Wi-Fi and the iM1030 that doesn't, but details of these are even more vague (the styling of which appears to have also taken inspiration from recent mirrorless models). We'll be reporting more over at Connect, but for now we wouldn't be surprised if any or all of this information changed before the cameras arrive on the shop shelves (expected in the first quarter of 2013).

The back of the lens is blocked-off. And, despite appearances, there's no sensor in the iM1836's body.
The iM1232W and iM1030 look much the same as one another. The 1232 will include Wi-Fi connectivity These models are not Android-based and include conventional camera controls.

Press Release:

Polaroid Debuts The First Android™-Powered Interchangeable Lens ‘Smart’ Camera at CES

Posted: Jan 08, 2013

Las Vegas (January 8, 2013)Polaroid today unveiled the first and only Android-powered compact interchangeable-lens smart camera that makes it easy and fun for anyone to capture outstanding, professional quality images and instantly share them with friends. The 18 megapixel Polaroid iM1836 camera debuted at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics show, Jan. 8-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center and will be on display in the Polaroid Booth #13613 throughout the show.

Produced by Sakar International, an authorized Polaroid licensee, the iM1836 camera features the latest Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” operating system, the smoothest and fastest Android OS yet, and comes standard with a 10-30mm optical zoom lens, and will hit store shelves in the first quarter of 2013 at an MSRP of $399.  The Polaroid iM1836 camera will also offer consumers the flexibility to explore their creativity with interchangeable lenses, since all existing Micro Four Thirds system lenses will work with the iM1836 with an adapter.

“Throughout our 75 year history, Polaroid has been synonymous with innovation, creativity, and ease of use,” commented Scott W. Hardy, President and CEO of Polaroid.  “We are continuing that proud tradition at CES this year with the launch of the iM1836. This compact, connected camera is the ideal pocket-sized device to capture and share all of your most precious moments.”

Superior Quality, Simple to Use
The Polaroid iM1836 camera is the first of its kind to pair interchangeable lens options, like those typically only found on more expensive D-SLR cameras, with the ultra-intuitive and familiar Android OS. This powerful combination allows consumers of any skill level to get professional-quality results without the cost and complexity of a professional system. The lightweight device is portable and compact, perfect for dropping it into a backpack or purse, ready to capture outstanding images wherever and whenever they happen.

With the vibrant 3.5” capacitive touchscreen LCD display and the fast and fluid Android interface/menu, anyone can simply point and shoot great photos in a snap—no more fiddling with the camera and missing the shot. Auto blink detection, auto face exposure and pop-up flash ensure a great shot every time. The Polaroid iM1836 even captures wide-angle panoramic shots for impressive landscape photography without the added cost and weight of high-end equipment.

And, when the action calls for more than just a still image, the iM1836 camera also captures 1080p HD video. Plus, the built-in HDMI output turns this compact device into a multimedia player—just connect it to any TV or monitor to view video or photo slide shows.

Snap and Share Instantly
Combining the flexibility and creativity of an interchangeable lens camera with the power of the Android 4.1 platform, the Polaroid iM1836 camera makes it easy for photographers of any skill level to point, shoot, share and tag great photos instantly and effortlessly. With built-in peer-to-peer Wi-Fi and easy-to-use Polaroid photo sharing apps on board, the Polaroid iM1836 camera lets users instantly upload and share stunning, professional-quality image creations with friends via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flikr, Vimeo and more, all at the touch of a button. When Wi-Fi isn’t available, built-in Bluetooth connectivity pairs the Polaroid iM1836 camera with any Bluetooth-enabled device to upload images and video through a mobile phone, PC or even iPod Touch.

“People often take pictures with both their camera and their camera phone to get the image quality they want and the ability to share the moment with friends on Facebook or Twitter. Too often they miss the shot because they’re switching back and forth,” said Sakar President Jeff Saka. “This great little compact camera solves that problem, with exceptional Polaroid quality and the ability to upload and share those same images in real time.”

To check out the latest-generation digital imaging Polaroid products, visit Booth #13613 during the 2013 CES or visit