Summing up
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Summing up

We've listed five ways in which we'd like to see the Z7 improved, and as you've probably noticed they primarily relate to autofocus. That's because with almost all of our testing complete, it's AF where we've seen the most serious issues with performance. Unexpectedly, the native Z lenses we've tried appear to focus more slowly and less predictably than adapted F-mount lenses too (though to their credit they are silent to focus in video).

In most other respects the Z7 is an impressive camera. We're optimistic that where we have concerns, Nikon can address some of them via firmware, and others via new dedicated flash accessories. Our other concerns? Perhaps we'll just have to wait for a Z8.

Since focus is performed from the sensor, there are circumstances in which the Z7 will be more precise than Nikon's DSLRs

Even so, we're not saying that the Z7 with current firmware is flat-out bad at autofocus. In fact for a lot of photography, it'll be perfectly fine. And since focus is performed from the sensor, there are circumstances in which it'll be more precise than Nikon's DSLRs, particularly with fast primes shot wide open where DSLRs struggle and often require microadjustment. But when it comes to continuous autofocus performance and usability, it's simply not nearly as capable as its nearest mirrorless peer the Sony a7R III, nor (in some respects) as good as Nikon's own mid-range and high-end DSLRs, including the similarly capable and priced D850.

For a complete overview of every aspect of the Z7's performance, look out for our full review in the next few days.