Apple has announced an new 'Mini' version of the iPad with a 7.9 inch, 163ppi display. The iPad Mini's display offers a quarter of the pixel count (1024 x 768 pixels compared to 2048 x 1536) of its 9.7in, A6 processor-equipped cousin (simply called 'iPad'), the fourth generation of which was also unveiled at an event in San Jose, California. The iPad Mini has created a lot of buzz, but photographers might be disappointed that its screen resolution is lower than the cheaper Google Nexus 7 tablet, which offers 1280 x 800 pixels and a pixel density of 217ppi.

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It's a different story with the latest 13" (33 cm) MacBook Pro, though, which features a 227ppi screen, adding the 'Retina' designation that is carried by devices that - in Apple's words - offer resolution so fine that the human eye can't perceive individual pixels. 

The popular iMac range has been refreshed as well, and although the new models don't offer Retina resolution, Apple has worked to improve the displays by introducing an air-gapless screen with anti-reflective coating. This is claimed to result in 75% less reflection than its predecessor - a long-standing complaint of previous glossy-screened iMacs, especially from photographers. 

The iPad Mini will cost $329/£269 for a Wi-Fi-only 16Gb tablet, compared with $249/£199 for an equivalent Google Nexus 7 or $499/£399 for the fourth generation 'iPad with Retina display.' Cellular versions of the Mini will cost up to $649/£529 for the 64Gb version, compared to $829/£659 for the full-sized iPad. (All UK prices include VAT).