Chinese lens adapter manufacturer Kipon has announced plans to introduce the first adapter that allows AF operation when a Canon EF or EF-S lens is attached to a Micro Four Thirds camera body. Previous adapters have either been entirely manual or, more lately, offered aperture control, but the Shanghai-based company has said that its next model will allow full frame and APS-C EOS system lenses to focus automatically too.

A processing chip in the adapter will also pass full EXIF data to the camera as well as allowing lens optical stabilization systems to operate. The adapters have no optics in them and lens focal lengths remain unaffected – though a 2x crop factor applies when used on Micro Four Thirds cameras.

Metabones also offers a Canon EF to Micro Four Thirds adapter, though it lacks the AF function that Kipon's adapter offers. Kipon also released an AF adapter for EF lenses so they can be used on Sony E-mount bodies last year, and has previously produced macro adapters for mainstream DSLR lenses to be used with Fuji X and Sony E cameras. The EF-MTF adapter is due to go on sale in May at a price of $285.