Have your say: Best High-end ILC of 2014
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Have your say: Best High-end ILC of 2014

2015 was a big year for some brands, in terms of high-end ILC releases, and a quiet one for others. Still, we saw Sony drop the second iterations of the company's full frame 'R' and 'S' cameras; we also saw Canon release the two highest resolution DSLRs to date, in addition to a brand new pro-level system from Leica.

Note: This poll lists pro-level releases announced during the calender year of 2015. If there's a late 2014 product missing that you want to highlight, leave a comment and we'll take this into account. Don't see a camera you think should be included? It's likely in our Best Consumer ILC of 2015 poll.

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Have your say: The Best High-end ILC of 2015
  • Canon EOS 5DS (R)17.8%
  • Leica M (Typ 262)5.1%
  • Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246)4.0%
  • Leica SL8.3%
  • Sony Alpha 7R II47.4%
  • Sony Alpha 7S II17.4%
Total voters: 1,955