Photographers in need of portable tripod stabilization have a new option called WaterWeights. These balloon-like devices are made from PVC and weigh 139g / 0.3lb when in storage, expanding to a weight of up to 1.3kg / 2.9 lb when filled with water. A WaterWeight can slide down the length of a tripod to rest over its feet or can hang from its handle to keep gear stable.

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Photographers (justifiably) concerned about having water near their equipment can instead fill the WaterWeights with sand (which will result in a heavier weight than water). They can also take comfort that the maker behind the weights, Inspired PhotoGear, has stress tested its product by applying up to 6.8kg / 15 lbs of force and by dropping the weights onto concrete from a height of up to 1.8m / 6 ft. It reports that WaterWeight withstood the tests without failure.

WaterWeight is designed to be stored inside its own handle when deflated, and is secured shut using Velcro. This makes the weights small enough to slip into a pocket or bag and light enough to be carried around without undue burden. WaterWeights can also be stacked to increase the amount of stabilizing weight.

The PVC 'bladder' portion of the WaterWeight is fixed inside of a nylon netting and fabric sling shaped like a donut. The filling port appears large enough that gravel or other small rocks could be used if neither water nor sand is readily available. Inspired PhotoGear is offering individual WaterWeights for $50 USD, or a three-unit bundle for $110 USD.