Back in August Sigma announced an update to the Photo Pro software used to develop SD9 and SD10 RAW images for output to JPEG or TIFF, we did miss this announcement. There are several improvements and benefits in this new version including improved Automatic White Balance, SD9-specific color highlights fix, SD10-specific purple-fringing fix, Monochrome processing (including tinting), As-Shot WB and various Info window improvements.

Click here for the Sigma Photo Pro download page

Press Release:

VERSION 2.1, August 26, 2004

A new version of Sigma Photo Pro is available for download.

Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of Sigma Photo Pro version 2.1, a major update that delivers exciting levels of performance to Sigma Photo Pro program specially designed for SD9 and SD10 digital SLR cameras.

This versatile image processing and editing software update extends the capabilities of Sigma Photo Pro program and SD series digital SLR cameras powered by Foveon X3(R) image sensor.

Benefits and Features of the new update

New Edit/White-Balance Options

1. Auto WB always available as an option in Edit White Balance.
2. Monochrome processing as a WB option, which allows tinting via Color Adjust.
3. "Original" WB sets WB back to as-shot.

Info Enhancements

4. Show focal-length range in Info Window's focal length field, e.g. as "28mm (15-30)"
5. Info Window improvements (smaller layout, original white balance, long pathnames).
6. Info Line improvements (added WB to Review Window info line, and metering mode with bias to both windows' info lines)

Image Processing Improvements

7. Improved Auto White Balance calculation, especially for long exposures.
8. SD9-specific highlights color problem fixed.
9. SD10-specific purple-fringe problem fixed.

How does the Software Download and Installation procedure work?

Simply click on the correct download option (Mac or PC version depending on what type of computer you have) and save the version to your computer's hard drive. Then, download and follow the installation instructions. If you use a Macintosh computer, you will need a program called Stuffit in order to unstuff the .sit file format of the firmware download. This application is available at no cost via the link below.

Click here for the Sigma Photo Pro download page