When the popular Instagram community led by Josh Johnson featured a non-square image, followers left shocked comments like "And its in full iPhone ratio!!! I never thought I'd see the day, but I love it!!!"

Instagram's giant overhaul late last year changed a lot of things. While everyone was busy clamoring about terms of service, the Facebook-owned photo sharing social network removed a feature that many people loved by preventing users from posting anything but square-format photographs.

So what is a panorama-loving Instagrammer to do? Luckily, many apps have stepped up to put photos of all shapes and sizes into a square format so Instagram will post them without issue. We took a look at the best options for both iOS and Android users.

Squareready; iOS; Free/$1.99

Squareready for iOS will place your image on a square canvas.

For quick and easy photo editing placement on an iPhone, Squareready does the job. It allows for both landscape and portrait photos to be placed on a solid color background without cropping and provides Instagram previews so you can see what your image looks like before uploading it to Instagram. Squareready is free, but the $1.99 "pro" version of the app offers an effects mode and doesn't have any ads.

SquareIt; Android; Free

SquareIt offers many of the same features as Squareready in Android.

Don't worry, Android users, you have options, too. SquareIt is essentially the Android version of Squareready. It allows users to choose an unique background color and will quick share to Instagram straight from the app.

Shape+Shape; Android; Free

Shape+Shape offers more than 40 shapes to choose from.

If shapes of the rectangular variety are too boring for you, try Shape+Shape for Android to shake things up. The free Android application will crop your photos into dozens of shapes and put them on a square format to post to Instagram.

PicFrame; iOS and Android/ $0.99

For Instagrammers who can't make up their mind, PicFrame puts multiple photos in one image.

Some mobile photographers want it all—square, vertical, and horizontal all in one image. PicFrame for iOS and Android allows users to collage multiple photos together to build a fresh composition in a square frame. The app offers 36 different arrangements and can accommodate up to five photos. The border can be either a solid color or a pattern.

Think outside the (square) box

EyeEm lets users share non-square images.

If you're sick of Instagram all together, EyeEm offers a rectangular alternative. The mobile photo sharing service allows users to upload images of all shapes and sizes. While it may not have the giant user base that Instagram has, EyeEm has plenty of active users who love to share, comment on and like photos. As an added bonus, EyeEm is available on Android, iOS and Windows platforms.