9 AM GMT 8 AM GMT: It's definetly Minolta day today, we've just posted our first-look / preview article on Minolta's DiMAGE 5 / DiMAGE 7. These two digital cameras have an SLR look and feel, come with a 7x optical zoom lens and feature a 5.24 megapixel (DiMAGE 7) and 3.3 megapixel (DiMAGE 5) CCD sensor. The DiMAGE 7 enters the market as the first consumer level 5 megapixel digital camera so no doubt there's going to be a fair amount of interest in this flexible, high resolution digital camera. Our preview includes a hands-on and sample images.

It looks as though Minolta US got their timezones confused and told the US websites to publish at 8 AM GMT, we were told 9 AM GMT... Que Sera, Sera.

Click here for our Minolta DiMAGE 5 / DiMAGE 7 first-look / preview

No in-depth review yet, looks as though Minolta US managed to get products to their sites before Minolta EU (do I look happy?).

Click here for Imaging-Resource's review of the DiMAGE 7

Click here for Steves-Digicams "first look" at the DiMAGE 7

Click here for Yamada Kumio's sample images from a Beta DiMAGE 7

As far as we know there aren't any full production DiMAGE 7 available for review, as soon as there is we'll be working on one of our full in-depth reviews.