Some 12+ hours of travel and we're finally back in the UK after a very enjoyable and productive visit to Orlando for the PMA 2001 show. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the people we met at the show for making us feel so welcome. I've spent a few hours going back through our show report, updating text and creating this index page. I've also now included a summary my thoughts on the trends we've seen this year.

PMA 2001 Show Report Summary

PMA 2001 was an interesting show primarily because it turned most peoples expectations on their heads, reading the forums before and during the show it was clear a lot of people were expecting major announcements from several manufacturers, including products we "know are coming" but in the end didn't surface.

That said there was a fair amount of new product including three new cameras from Canon, no less than seven from Sony (who appear to have a new more 'photographic' ethos in their design). There was also a fair amount of activity at the lower end for "entry level" products and a good deal of business around photo-finishing and in-store / countertop systems (the new "Print by Sony" solution a perfect example of this).

My overall feel from PMA was two fold, first an overall drop in pricing for digital cameras (example: Sony's DSC-75 arriving with a $700 RRP). Secondly, a realisation by several manufacturers that they need to address a market segment that has previously been left with poor quality, low resolution cameras, the "entry level market".

Despite the disappointment of some digital camera enthusiasts (who, I'm sure will get their fill later in the year) the good news to come out of the show was the vast amount of digital photography (compared to film) and the fact that manufacturers are trying hard to make it more attractive to the mass market.

Our top six stands
(rated by overall quality, size, product availability and staff)

  1. Kodak
  2. Sony
  3. Olympus
  4. Canon
  5. Fujifilm
  6. Nikon

Key Products

In summary we considered the following as the key digital photography products at PMA 2001 (alphabetical order) - covered in more detail on the following pages:

  • Adobe Elements (we didn't cover this but it is important)
  • Canon PowerShot A10, A20 **, S300 (Digital IXUS 300), CP-10 direct connect printer
  • Casio QV-3500EX
  • Ceiva Picture Frame II
  • Contax (Kyocera) N Digital
  • ColorVision monitor spyder **
  • Epson "Print Image Matching" standard
  • Foveon II
  • Fujifilm Finepix 6800Z
  • Kodak mc3 **
  • Kodak Pro DCS Back
  • Kyocera (Yashica) Finecam S3 **
  • Lexar 512 MB CompactFlash Type I (not at show)
  • Minds @ Work Digital Wallet
  • Minolta Dimage 7, Dimage 5, Dimage S304
  • Nikon D1X **, D1H
  • Nixvue Digital Album **
  • Olympus C-2040Z, C-3040Z
  • Pentax Digital SLR **, EI-3000
  • SanDisk 512 MB CF Type I
  • Silicon Film EFS-1 (and accessories)
  • Sony DSC-P50, DSC-S75 **, FD-92, FD-97, 128MB MemoryStick **, Print by Sony **

** My personal top products

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