Profoto, the Swedish flash manufacturer, has confirmed that a Nikon compatible TTL remote will be available for its popular B1 off-camera flash on September 15th - just in time for Photokina. The Air Remote TTL-N will give Nikon photographers the same TTL functionality enjoyed by Canon shooters with its Air Remote TTL-C since the November 2013 launch of the B1 flash.

The B1 is an exclusively battery-powered flash that's capable of delivering 500Ws of power, roughly equivalent to the output of ten average speedlights. The wireless TTL capability of the B1 is what sets it apart from the crowd though. With TTL, the system can analyze the exposure of the scene through the lens, take into account the camera's ISO, shutter speed and aperture settings and deliver the precise amount of light from the flash to create a correctly exposed photo. With the wireless Air Remote TTL-N, Nikon users can do this from up to 330ft (100m) away from the B1 flash. If you prefer to work manually with your flash settings, the TTL-N remote can be used as a regular off-camera flash trigger with a range of up to 1000ft (300m).

The totally cordless nature of the lithium-ion powered B1 system has been popular since its launch. Not having to consider things like cable length, or proximity to a standard power outlet, gives enormous flexibility for creative flash placement that's not been seen before with such a powerful TTL flash.

Along with the launch date announcement, Profoto also released details of a contest to take part in the testing of the new TTL-N system. Entrants are asked to submit ideas for testing the system and the chosen 'test pilot' will get to keep a B1 flash, as well as having their images shared through Profoto's social channels. You'll have to hurry though, the deadline for the contest entry is August 25th.

While Profoto has yet to unveil official pricing for the Air Remote TTL-N, we would expect it to cost the same as the Air Remote TTL-C, $395.