A spiky iceberg reflecting in the waters of Disko Bay, under intense sunrise colors.

I took this shot while scouting for my Greenland workshop. It was the last morning of our trip on a Russian Yacht, and little did I know that it would be the best by far.

The trip was done in the Arctic summer, on the first few days when the sun first touched the horizon in Disko Bay, western Greenland. There is no darkness, and sunset is quickly followed by sunrise, with pastel pink/purple/blue in between.

When sunrise drew near, it was clear from the way the clouds looked that it was going to be a spectacular sunrise. We were sailing around in the bay when we reached an area with lots of ice. This served us in two ways. Firstly, it provided a barrier to waves, making the water extremely calm and reflective. And secondly, we had an almost infinite selection of icebergs to shoot.

I took many images that night. This is one of my favorites. The bright pink and red clouds, stretched across the sky, looked like they were taken out of a painting. The intricate iceberg was a perfect subject to contrast the calmness of the sky and water, both in its color and in its sharp, pointy texture.

The photo was captured using my Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 16-35mm F4L IS lens.

Erez Marom is a professional nature photographer, photography guide and traveler based in Israel. You can follow Erez's work on Instagram, Facebook and 500px, and subscribe to his mailing list for updates. Erez offers photo workshops worldwide.