Fuji MX-1700 click for larger imageFuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. has announced that its MX-1700 ZOOM digital camera will be honored today with an Innovations 2000 award for design and engineering excellence from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) at the 2000 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. A panel of industry experts comprised of industrial designers, engineers and industry trade media, selected Innovations 2000 winners.

The MX-1700 ZOOM is the world's smallest megapixel camera with an all-glass, 3x aspherical zoom lens. Fujifilm manufactured the lens via a newly developed, glass injection mold process that allowed the company to produce the lens en masse, making aspherical lens manufacture efficient and economically viable for consumer digital cameras. With this specially-developed aspherical zoom lens, the MX-1700 ZOOM delivers pin-point image sharpness and improved optical quality while eliminating aberrations, vignetting, and light fall-off, benefits any shutterbug would enjoy.

In addition to the lens, the MX-1700 ZOOM features a high-resolution 1.5 million-pixel CCD with RGB color filters. The results of these features are outstanding image quality and superb color reproduction, both hallmarks of Fujifilm digital cameras.

The MX-1700 ZOOM is ideal for indoor and outdoor image capture and viewing, even at night, because it is equipped with both a precision, 2-inch polysilicon color LCD monitor with 130,000 pixels and optical viewfinder, as well as a built-in automatic flash with slow sync mode. It also sports a framing guide that can be viewed on screen for group and portrait shots using the "rule of third" guidelines.

The MX-1700 ZOOM digital camera will be prominently displayed, along with other honorees, at Innovations Booth No. 21277 in the Sands Expo and Convention Center, as well as Fujifilm Meeting Room No. N220 at the 2000 International Consumer Electronics Show.